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What are manuals ?

Our system has fully synchronized automatically

Auto Synced

With our cloud, Bank feeds are synced automatically.


Manage recurring invoices and easily track your cost.


From now on Your journals at your fingertips.


Easy & customizable invoicing with online payment.

Get paid faster

Time-saving tools to make your life easier.

Intuitive features that will change your life.

  • Automated follow-ups sent to collect late payments.

  • A multi-currency environment with an automated exchange rate to ease your international transactions.

  • Incoming and outgoing batch payments (SEPA Direct Debit, SEPA Credit Transfer, check, etc..)

  • All main payment providers (Stripe,, Ogone, PayPal, Adyen, Alipay, and many more.

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Smart Reconciliation Tools


AI-powered invoice digitization


Extraordinary reports as you wish

Monitor and analyze easier make your business growth faster

Detailed data access

Easily click on your report lines and access key information quickly to correctly manage your financial and legal statements.

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Odoo • Teks dan Gambar

Ease the analytic distribution on invoices and bills thanks to a dedicated customized widget.

Structure your analytic accounts automatically based on projects, contracts, departments, etc.

Manage multiple analytic plans and sub-plans to shape your own analytic multi-dimensions/axes.

Use budgets to compare actual with expected revenues and costs.

Fully integrated with other Odoo apps.


Turn quotes into professional-looking invoices in one click and export your data into spreadsheets.



Synchronize every transaction with your stocks to keep your valuation up to date.



Track expenses and re-invoice them in batches. Save time on expense reports. Everything in one place.



Automatically create project tasks from sales orders. Sell more with clean quotations.


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  • Based on Standard Financial Reports
  • Tax Support (Administration & Reporting)
  • Business Scalability Issues
  • FREE Data Migration

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